My Nature is Blocked by Trees


I live on a hill where I can look out upon the beautiful scenery. The terrain engulfed by nature, the grasslands as they wrap around the mounds that encircle my view; it’s the most wonderful view in the world, that I can see solely from my bedroom. However, over the years the redwoods in my backyard have grown, so I’m going to cut them down. I love looking at nature. It’s marvelous evolutionary complexity yet stunning simplicity adds beauty, inspiration and meaning to my life, but these trees have committed the heinous act of destroying my view. I will uproot them. It’s invaluable to be able to wake up to Mother Earth every morning, and for these redwoods to think that they have the right to block my view inexcusable.

It is said that a stunning view, like mine, before the horrendous trees grew, can increase the value of a property by up to 12%, but what is this value in terms of happiness? Because of these redwoods, I attain 12% less happiness every time I look out the window. I don’t get to see the true beauty of nature, nor can I marvel at the magnificence of it anymore.

What would the world do without nature? It’s of the utmost importance because of all its benefits, not only emotionally, but also ecologically. My redwoods provide none of that, and will therefore be gone. By the time Earth Day comes around this year, I’ll have my beautiful view back, so I can enjoy the rolling hills; the redwoods shall be no more.

My Nature is Blocked by Trees

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