Don’t Drink


She was smokin hot and I was totally into her from the day I first saw her.  I would watch  her from out the window of my dorm room walking to the nearest cafe in the neighborhood…alone…at around 4:30pm after her classes were done.  It usually would take her about 10 minutes to get her strawberry lemonade and chocolate croissant.  I knew if she got to know me she would like me so I made a move.  One day after my classes, I went to the cafe and ordered what she usually gets.  Once I got what I ordered, I waited for her.  It was 4:30.  She walked up to the glass door and I smiled at her but she gave me a questionable look in return. Be cool Cody.  I opened the door for her and said “Here you go” as I handed her the items.  She hesitated and wouldn’t take it. “Do I know you?”, she asked, lightly giggling as she slowly took the items out of my hand.  “My name is Cody”, I said.  She just smirked, looking me up and down.  I could tell she was totally into me.  “There’s a party at my friends frat house  tomorrow.  Do you wanna go?” I asked.  “I’m Jamie”, she paused.  “Well, Cody, I don’t know you…but i love parties so … i don’t’ know, I don’t feel comfortable…”.  I crossed my arms over my chest and gritted my teeth,  “Take a chance”, I pleaded, putting my hand on her shoulder.  She agreed to come and asked ,“could you take me there?  I don’t know my way around campus”.  She wants us to go together, it’s a date!  “So…You want me to take you to the party….alone….Like a date?” I teased.  “I guess so”, she smiled.  

I walked her to the party and we talked a lot and we learned a lot about each other…like you would on a date.  When we got to the party, the music was jumping, people were dancing and drinking and I just couldn’t wait to go in.  I looked at Jamie.  I could tell she was nervous but I know just what’ll loosen her up.  “Jamie, do shots with me!” I cheered, pulling her close and walking towards the drinks.  I noticed that as we were walking, she was holding back and I was starting to get frustrated…she doesn’t wanna be here.  “Cody let go of me…please.  I don’t drink”, she said as she stopped walking.  I laughed a little.  How does a babe like this not drink?  I mean, if you ever saw Jamie, she looks like the kind of girl who gets with three different guys every week and parties until she loses her memory.  “Jamie, just try it”.  After a while, she finally loosened up and we got drunk and danced a bit.  She seemed liked she was having a good time.  I was having a great time.  Later on, she was out of it.  “Take me home”, she said, holding her hand to her head and slurring her words.  Oh…Now we’re talking.  

I walked her to her dorm and she opened the door.  We both walked in and she went to her room around the corner and just laid down, still holding her head.  I closed the door behind me a little mad at the fact that she didn’t even thank me.  I walked to her room and sat next to her on her bed.  It was silent until she broke the silence.  “Cody…You aren’t going home?”.  I didn’t listen I just leaned in…she wanted me to take her home right? ….I had fun that night but i hope that she was on the pill.

After that, I was accused of rape by her and I got in trouble…I don’t understand.  She clearly was aware of what was going on but she should’ve said something.  She was too wasted to say anything.  It’s her fault that she was drunk.  All I know is that whenever I see her around campus, she  scurries the other way and she also hasn’t gone to that cafe ever since.

Don’t Drink

One thought on “Don’t Drink

  1. colethegoon says:

    Your satire was I think pretty effective. Your story is very well written and thought out. It painted a very clear and obvious picture of what was happening. It could be improved maybe by going more extreme with it and taking it to the next level.


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