The Auction


It was a Saturday afternoon, and the town was full of excitement. You could almost hear the the energy that was being released into the air. It was the most anticipated month of the year for the whole town.Would I be chosen and bring honor to my family? I hope I would. My name is Ginny and I am eleven years old and I have been selected to be a part of the celebration of the annual Auction. My family is in extreme poverty. I have 7 young siblings and I am always having got take care of them because my parents busy working on the farm to allow us to live a life we want. We have no money, so when I got the opportunity to enter I could not pass it up. I am so fortunate to be one of the lucky girls to be chosen for this honor and to help be able to give my family $30,000.

The picking of the 12 girls happens almost three months before the ceremony because there is so much to prepare for. We have to get in the best shapes of our lives and make sure that we know how to act in our new roles as slaves. We had to prepare for all types of slavery including labor and sex. One of the sample scenario that they gave us to act was never say the word no. We were asked a series of questions/ tasks and every time one person said no we all lost a meal. That may seems outrages but we have missed plenty of meals in our life time.  It has been so exciting starving myself and learning how to not have a voice.  Personally I think that having a voice is over raided. Who needs in when you can look pretty and just do as you were told. Life is some much easier when you do not have a choice in who you want to become.

One  week till the auction and I have been living with my big sisters and they have been telling me all about what I will be doing for the rest of my life. They tell me all about how through this program their life has become increasingly better. This one girl Emily got to travel around the world and meet many handsome fellows. Emily tells me all about the pretty dresses and the warm food that they get to eat. Plus I was always wanted to be able to sleep on a real bed.

It is tradition that the fathers walk you down the aisle to the stage while the mothers follow behind. Once we are all up on that stage the auction begins. The first girl up is Abby. She and I use to be best friends, wouldn’t be amazing if we both were bought by the same person. She is sold for the high amount $40 dollars. I just hope that I am worth that much. After what seems like hours, my name was called. I step on to the stage and I feel all of the men’s eyes on me. The person says that we’ll start the bidding at 4 dollars. An older white man about 50 called out $10, then a younger man about 30 bet $20. I was so surprised, I never thought that it would go up that fast. In the end I was sold to the 50 year old. I was brought of the stage and went to sit with him. I was so happy that I beat Abby with one of the highest bids of $50. I could feel the pride in my parent’s mind. I had done them well. Once all of the girls were sold the best part of the entire ceremony happen. Each girl was given a special drink and that would end the auction for another year. As I drank the first sip, I started my new life. I was no longer was my own person and it was the best feeling in the world.



The Auction

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