How ‘Bout More?

Most students can agree that the massive amount of time homework takes up is a pain. But you know what I think? We need more homework. That’s right. More. The load we get now, the load that takes up hours of our time and cuts into that reserved for precious dreams and mental recovery–it’s gotta change. Even though students are staying up until the crack of dawn, surviving off Red Bull, coffee, and other stimulants to get those history papers done, to finish those English portfolios, they still could use an extra challenge, because why not? Teachers, I implore you, keep dishing out those papers! You say five page max? Make it fifteen, or even twenty! Whatever the hell you want, for we can most certainly take it. We might have to cut out time for friends and family to focus on memorizing all those flashcards for the big unit exams coming up, undoubtedly turning us into antisocial robots, but it’s all worth it to get that A. We might be gaining pounds from lack of exercise that undeniably increase our high-as-Mount-Everest stress levels, but it’s all worth it to learn random facts that will be oh-so-helpful in our future. (I haven’t seen anything that will teach us how to pay taxes yet, but that’s okay! We’ll always know how to find ‘x’, just in case an equation appears on a speed limit sign that we’ll need to solve). If I haven’t been clear enough already, more homework is the better option–certainly not less.


How ‘Bout More?

4 thoughts on “How ‘Bout More?

  1. laurenloveslollypops says:

    Lol I can totally relate to this. I think that your topic is a serious issue that needs to change. It made me laugh. I think you need to send this to all the teachers to prove a point!

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  2. jenna18 says:

    I really enjoyed this Ally! I thought that the use of reversal made the satire piece even more funny and interesting! There is a lot of hyperbole which also brings the piece to life. Also I can totally relate to this “anger” from the amount of homework.

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