The Other Side

FullSizeRenderLong days and long nights of fiery riots in the ghetto neighborhoods, police stations, and in the urban cities all because  a cop did his job like he supposed to and got the job done, and done right in fact. It’s sad to see these people fight blindly against our justice system who is protecting and keeping us safe. Cops don’t do anything wrong they do the job right, it’s the ghetto people’s fault for people dying. If they chose to be rich they would not have a problem at all but because they have decided to be poor and live in the ghetto, they wanted to be the problem. I don’t understand why all these minorities and blacks are so upset at cops for killing these black men if they’re wearing hoodies, baggy clothes, baggy pants, and have tattoos all over their body; if anything they should be grateful like my wife and I. My wife is black and she has no problem with this quote on quote police brutality on blacks and minorities she see’s these police killings as making the community safer which it is and for some reason these blacks and minorities do not understand that this is making not just them safe and my family safe but the all of America.

I think and believe that police officers killing and shooting young black men is great. It has brought down crime more than fifty percent and neighborhoods are becoming safer and safer and this makes me appreciate and respect police men and women a lot more, but in the ghetto communities they despise and hate police officers and for what? Poor ghetto people do not understand that these killings of young black men are helping them, how by making more jobs because there are less people, more housing, more food available for people and streets safer. There is no reason to riot against the police for killing a young black man but there should be a parade for it because of how much crime is dissipating from the streets because of this.   This gives ghetto people a chance to help themselves fix their mistake by choosing to being poor and going to get a education and become something then just you typical gang banger, drug dealer, pimp, stripper, prostitute, junkie, or a single mother. So I do not understand why these people would be so mad at these cop killings  and think it is so wrong. If anything these people should take this a blessing, a prayer answered from God and be thankful for it and use it to their advantages.

My wife is black and she thinks these cop killings of young black men are doing society a tremendous favor and like me she doesn’t understand why these ghetto poor people are not appreciative for this, I mean if my wife is black and appreciates these killings how come all black people can not do the same. My wife see’s these cop killings as a control of means for people’s safety. Without cops being strict harsh and beating people there will be no order and people will feel very unsafe and constantly be looking over there shoulder. This why if we have cops who are trained to shoot to kill and empty out their clip, are trained to use excessive force the safer there community will be. We need cops to do more run downs on people and learn to racially profile people, so if they see a black person gangbanger, pimp, drug dealer, if they see a muslim person terrorist suicide bomber, and more profiling like this will forsure  keep people safe and feel comfortable. With cops profiling like this still won’t make people safe enough so in the courts black men, and other minorities are guilty right away there is no fair trial because if there was we would not be protecting society and even if they are innocent they have either done something and have not got caught or are about to commit a crime so we are stopping it before it happens.


The Other Side

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