5 officials getting lit with Kim Jong-Un

As of Monday morning we received information from South Korea that Kim Jong-Un was up to something new. Five officials that work for Kim Jong-Un gave him false reports. Kim Jong-Un didn’t react as he normally would. It  is said that after he heard these false reports, the room got qquiet and a few minutes later there was was red stuff all over the floor.  According to our source Kim Jong- Un’s entertainment room floor was filled with ketchup stains. Kim Jong-Un made a few calls and he was finally able to reach McDonald’s. He ordered five big macs for his officials, he threw in some fries, and he couldn’t forget to include those delicious vanilla shakes that Kim Jong-Un so much desires. After all he was so proud with his officials that he even let them watch a Chicago Bulls game. It is inevitable to say that Kim Jong -Un is a great man and he likes to treat his people well by providing them with food and entertainment. Without a doubt North Korea is showing great improvement under Kim Jong-Un’s rule and all the citizens seem to be happy to live in such a thriving and wonderful country. Kim Jong-Un loves to satisfy his citizens and additionally Kim Jong-Un tweeted,”Hopefully someday America could have a unified country in which you could say whatever you want and do whatever you want without being harmed by the government.”

5 officials getting lit with Kim Jong-Un

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