Drugs, a Ticket to a Better Life

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If you ask me, teenagers these days are not living up to their true potential. They are going down the wrong path in life. With so much free time and saved up lunch money, they should be buying more drugs and harder drugs. With the internet around, drugs are at their fingertips, and they are not smart enough to utilize their options. Sure, there are fun activities like sports or the movies, but those do not really fulfill the spirit of youth they will only have for a short period of time. Drugs will make you have the best day of your life every day. They could be enjoying and experiencing fun on a new, elevated level. Just look at these disappointing statistics, around 81% of teenagers have access to marijuana and only 35% have actually used it. This obviously indicates that these teens are not cool, and even the kids who have used it are not using hard enough drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Doing these drugs will not only amplify fun in their youth, it will build tolerance for them in later life. Doing more drugs has no downside at all when done during the teenage years. More teen drug use creates an opportunity for some kids to easily make money by distributing these drugs, helping them learn the concept of business. When teenagers get in trouble their crimes are taken as seriously as adults committing the same crime. Overall, if teenagers use more drugs they will have more fun, make more money, and will become more healthy adults. 

Drugs, a Ticket to a Better Life

2 thoughts on “Drugs, a Ticket to a Better Life

  1. Dylan G says:

    Dear Leo, you make me want to do more drugs. You made me realize that I have not met my full potential. I plan on now doing harder stuff too. Is that a unicorn?!?!?!


  2. colethegoon says:

    Classic Leo, beautiful use of literary sarcasm and irony. A masterful piece of writing with a creative original photo. Educating and revolutionizing the modern world.


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