Update: Lazy, Obese Woman Still Lives Healthy Lifestyle

img_0335Recently, a local American woman has come to Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and countless other diet companies for help. Jenny wanted to lose 100 pounds in the next week to get ready for her 35th birthday with her kids and husband. She has an especially healthy diet-a few bags of chips, 3-4 sticks of deep fried butter, and a few pounds of cherries a day-for her age. Jenny says she can not wait to get started with her new plan as Weight Watchers has promised to help her lose 100 pounds in less than a week without changing her diet.

During the first 3 days, both Jenny and Weight Watchers were surprised that the pounds were not sliding off. They had gave her an extreme workout, consisting of a 0.5 mile walks every day, of which she did not do. Jenny strongly disagrees however, claiming that she does walk 0.5 miles, in fact, she walks 5 everyday, as a character of the Sims 2. Jenny says that she is especially healthy in the game, only eating a bag of chips and a stick of butter a day. Jenny also goes to the gym in her video game life, often working out for a few hours a day.


Jenny has recently sued Weight Watchers for wasting her time and money and won $400. In a statement to the Colour Times, Jenny says that with the money, she will buy the newest edition of the Sims and will continue challenging herself in her daily workouts.

Update: Lazy, Obese Woman Still Lives Healthy Lifestyle

2 thoughts on “Update: Lazy, Obese Woman Still Lives Healthy Lifestyle

  1. miak1221 says:

    This was really funny and I loved how she viewed her life through her character on Sims. This sort of has a deeper meaning about our society and how we live our lives through our virtual characters on the internet.


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