The Douches Who Own Lambos are Finally Blowing Up!

Supercar company, Lamborghini Automobili, issues a major recall on over 5,900 supercars!


Have you ever been driving around town, enjoying your Prius, saving the environment one mile at a time, sipping your vegan shake through your reusable cup, and then some douche in a brand new Lamborghini pulls up next to you at a red light.  You look over at the owner and he just reeks of privilege.  The light turns green and he gets from 0 to breaking the law in sub three seconds.  The sound of his gas guzzling V12 just makes you want to puke.  You soon find yourself stuck at the next red light with the same douche.  He puts his spawn of satan into neutral and just revs the engine so everyone in a five block radius knows that he is driving a Lambo.  You start to wish that this douche bag would just burn in hell.  Well you’re in luck!  After his third rev the douche’s engine compartment catches fire!  You laugh to yourself and drive away in your near silent Prius.  Just to gloat one more time, you look for the monstrosity of a car in your rearview mirror.  To your pleasant surprise, the entire overpriced sports car is engulfed in flames and then BOOM!  The abomination of transportation blows up!  The douches leg with a Gucci slipper lands next to your car. You chuckle to yourself and start brainstorming on how you are going to make it clear to everyone you see today that your are a vegan!

The Douches Who Own Lambos are Finally Blowing Up!

6 thoughts on “The Douches Who Own Lambos are Finally Blowing Up!

  1. johna120399 says:

    I found it interesting that you mixed both horatian and juvenilian satire into one article. I also found your use of mocking and ridicule for both the drivers


  2. eduardo1211 says:

    I found this to be very fun and interesting, and since you know so much about cars it felt like you were really able to make it better.


  3. matiascoleman says:

    lol I thought it was really funny when you said the Prius dude seen the gucci flip flop next to his ride after the Lamborghini blew up.


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