Blondes Are Really Going Extinct, I Promise!

If someone were to take a quick glance at me, they would say, “Oh she is just a typical white, blonde, girl.” I guess that’s true to a certain extent. I live in a nice house, eat delicious food, and sleep whenever I want, which is quite pleasant I might add. Sounds like a pretty stereotypical ‘white barbie’ life, right? Well, I have been blonde ever since I was a fetus, and I can’t really do anything to change that. If we are being frank here, everyone just assumes that I am ‘that dumb blonde’. Heck, us blondes are going EXTINCT! We are dying off because we are loathed so much! But let me tell you something that will knock your socks off; BLONDES ARE NOT STUPID! I know, what a shocker! Before I was born, If I could have asked God to go into my mother’s womb and do a little rearranging of chromosomes to ensure I wouldn’t get stuck with being blonde, that would be first on my To-Do list. Just because I’m a little slow-witted doesn’t mean I’m dumb. When people say, “Ha Ha, you are such a dumb blonde”, I let it go just as how blondes shed their vibrant hair, but later I find myself sitting alone in that dreadful pool of blonde hair again. I am determined to show the world that not all blondes are dumb and if you want to join my movement, please feel free. SAVE THE BLONDES FROM GOING EXTINCT, because it really happening!


Blondes Are Really Going Extinct, I Promise!

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