Who Needs The Right To Vote Anyway?

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           On August 6, 1965, President Lyndon B Johnson signed into law the most useless law of all time, the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  The law was intended to remove the barriers of Jim Crow statutes that prevented African Americans from exercising their rights to vote, but instead, has provided Republican lawmakers a platform for showing how good they are at designing perpetual systems of exclusion for people of color.  The current Supreme Court of the United States of America brilliantly struck down the centerpiece of the Voting Rights Act in 2016 by allowing nine states, to change their election laws without advance federal approval.  Of course, these nine states were primarily in the South, where African Americans remain highly respected, dignified citizens in communities rich in a plantation mentality culture.  It is the area of the country where most were delivered in slave ships, and farmed tobacco and sugar cane and took an occasional lash to the back if they didn’t do as they were told.  So, it is easy to see that these states don’t need oversight of decisions related to the voting rights of those slave descendants.

           The Republicans do a sound job of proving how useless the law is.  They simply say, that minorities no longer face barriers when exercising their right to vote.  They point to the fact that literacy tests are barred.  As a matter of fact, they’ve proposed a solution to that little-known problem by introducing voter ID laws. They actually kill two birds with one stone introducing voter ID laws because voter ID laws are a healthy method to keep some voters from choosing the leaders of this country.  According to the United States Election Project, 40% of Americans didn’t vote in the 2016 election.  Clearly, that is not a big enough percentage. Voter ID laws are a healthy reason to keep some Americans from choosing the leaders of this country.  It is more important that the Russian perspective is taken into account. As far minorities are concerned, 11% of all US citizens don’t have government-issued ID, they ridiculously blame cost.  Republican lawmakers skillfully indicate that without government issued ID, we can’t verify if these people are apart of the 54% of minorities who live in poverty in this country.  And, these same lawmakers have cut the cost of recent elections because polling locations are based on voting patterns set by those that vote.  Lower turnout means you need fewer voting machines, which saves the county $3000 per machine, that can be used for tax cuts for the rich, fixing a pothole on a rich person’s street, or they can follow in the footsteps of Texas and Indiana and spend 12M on voter ID law education.  Republican lawmakers also say that minority communities could use the extra money to rebuild their school and roads, but, they’d have to vote for that.

Considering that the United States election project reports that since 2000 there were 31 credible cases of in-person voting fraud, out of more than 500 Million Votes, we must conclude that Republican lawmakers make the case for more freedom.  Laws are restrictive, we need to loosen these nooses, correction, regulations, so who needs a voting rights act anyway.

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Who Needs The Right To Vote Anyway?

Don’t You Just Hate it When…


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              All people ever talk about are their superficial first world problems. There are so many other people in the world that have it way worse than they do and would never get to experience the same privileged issues. Don’t you just hate it when people complain about issues that wouldn’t even matter all things considered?

         There are so many other problems to talk about, like when stupid people on the road drive with their brake pedal. Like, I’m pretty sure your car has a gas pedal. Use it! Or when you clearly say “no cheese” at chipotle and they continue to place a heavy handful on your burrito. Especially when people in your neighborhood keep their Christmas decorations up until march. Those people are the real issues.

          Anyway, we should be worried about the situations that affect more than just ourselves or are focused on greater issues like poverty and those who are less fortunate. Take me as an example, I can’t even afford a premium Spotify account so I’ll forever have to put up with the ridiculous amount of ads that play every time you change the song.

Even in today’s society, we have some pretty serious issues that we could be talking about instead of all of the nonsense that we do. Just think about all of the people whose mental health is deteriorating right now as they realize that they are wearing the same outfit this time that they wore the last time they hung out with that same person. Don’t you just hate that?

Don’t You Just Hate it When…

Cover Up

dress-code-rape-birmy-michelle24 year old, Linda Cromwell was just sentenced for life in prison, with no possibility of making probation for the death of 3 year old, Sadie Perkins, and 33 year old Patricia Perkins (mother of Sadie Perkins), and the intentional assault and battery of 22 year old, Richard Wells.

In the court’s official Desposition, the following was stated.

On March 2, 2017, Linda Cromwell was going on a mid morning Sunday walk, wearing a haltered baby blue tank top, revealing her smooth shoulders and perky breasts, with a pair of tight black leggings, topped off with a sleek high ponytail. As she was walking she came across Richard Wells, also out on a mid morning Sunday run. After bumping into Richard unexpectedly, Linda twirled her hair, blinked three times, turned around,  fluttered her fingers as she waved, gave the world’s brightest, warmest smile, and laughed as if her laughter was a Grammy award winning song, all depicted as by what Richard Wells had seen. After Linda’s given performance, Linda ran straight out into the street without looking or paying attention to the oncoming traffic, which Sadie and Patricia Perkins were a part of. Patricia did not see Linda or Richard, who was following Linda into the traffic, but not upon his free will.  Patricia Perkins ended up ramming into Ricard Wells at around 40 mph, which not only severely damaged her car, but the lives inside and on top of the car. Seconds after the crash, ambulances and police came to the scene, where Sadie and Patricia Perkins were announced dead on site, with Richard Wells in deep critical condition. Linda Cromwell was arrested by officials, and taken to the Knox County Jail.

Weeks after Linda’s arrest and most importantly, weeks after the deaths of mother and child Patricia and Sadie Perkins, the trial went live.  From several eyewitnesses, the court was filled with families and victims like Richard Wells who have been affected by the temptations and affected by the loss of complete control from seductive looks and acts that women like Linda put upon men. It’s absolutely disgusting that these women know that they have the power to control every single bit of man’s sexuality, but yet still abuse that power.

Doctor Franks, was called to the stand and helped prove the claim that women are responsible for men’s sexual actions, “It’ simple science when I tell you that men lust more than women, losing all senses of their self control. I don’t get why women are offended by this. They should feel better about themselves that they have such a strong gift.” -Doctor Franks

It was more than certain that Linda Cromwell was going to go down for the worst possible crime committed since human existence.  “Knowing that on that sunny Sunday morning, it was going to be a hot day, I took the risk of wearing such clothing, and knew that it was inappropriate and revealing. I deserve what is going to happen to me, because I made the decision to wear clothing, and put my hair up to show my neck and shoulders, knowing that it would cause men to drop to their knees and start salivating, just at the sight of me. I finally had the control of something for once, and took advantage of Richard Wells, which is the reason why he started coming after me. I deserved what he was planning to do to me. I deserve this pain.” -Linda Cromwell

Linda proved to be the worst woman in human history, but she was honest with herself, the court, the victims, jury, and the world. Hopefully women will think twice about what she wears in public before causing such harm and hurt in this world.

Cover Up

I Have A PLan

IMG_1723.JPGNowadays, poverty in the bay area has been rising and rising. It is only going to continue unless someone does something about it. No one else has to, so I guess it has to be me, Adam Nightshade. Of course it would have to be me, the rich CEO Billionaire who controls up to 77% of the work offered in the Bay Area. I run multiple companies like Courtyard Marriott, Starbucks, and other big companies. I see all of these peasants running around, working like hounds just to get a few table scraps. You see, i’m tired of it. I want to make the Bay Area a place without any poor people. I want to make it a beautiful place, a great place. I want to bring it back to its former glory, before all of these drug dealers, immigrants and homeless people looking for work came. I have a plan, but for it to work, I need the help of the mayors from the bay area.

Now the start of my plan is to make prices for everything higher. This seems like it will only make more homeless and poor people but you need to hear the rest of the plan to see how it will work out. Next, I will raise wages and paychecks to balance it out. This will make the raised prices hurt those without jobs even more. Then, I will reduce the amount of work so the poor people will be put out of work, which will increase the chance of them leaving by a lot. This will surely work out because I thought of it, but if it doesn’t I have a final plan. That plan is called Project Z and it will surely work. At every single work place, even small businesses there will be a time when the workers will have to fight to the death. Of course, if you’re rich then you can pay to be kept out, and the price will be high enough so that poor people can’t afford it.

Since I own the Waste Management Company, I have a way of disposing of the bodies. We are going to burn them to ash, and cleanse our bay area. This death battle will force all of the workers to fight each other if they can’t produce the cash to pay out of it. They can use anything at their disposal and only 20% will be able to survive, so if you were to be one the people, you would have to be apart of the last 20% alive in your workplace to be able to keep your job and life. If you survive also, you will gain a raise since there will be less workers to pay. This raise will be equal to all the people that survive because in doing so, these workers will have more money causing them to not be poor anymore. Once everyone has stable jobs and aren’t poor anymore we can go back to how things were before.


My Waste Management Company can dispose of the bodies very quickly and easily with our new incinerator. I truly believe that this plan can work out and benefit us in the best way possible, and the people whose support I need the most is you, the mayors. You know that this city needs this. You know that this can bring back the great days to the Bay Area. This beautiful place I call my home will be even greater once this plan works, and trust me it will. These poor people are overcrowding us, and now there are a ton of homeless people. These homeless fill up my hometown of San Francisco and are poisoning us. The poor people are the ones that are holding us back from progressing, because at the end of the day, they can’t afford to live like us, so they don’t deserve to live, like us.

I Have A PLan

The Solution to Gay Marriage and Rights

Throughout America a lot of progress has occurred in the past decades. New technology, an easier way of life, and new advanced weaponry. However, there has also been a lot of regression. Certain groups of individuals who are unfit for the prosperous and magnificent society of America have been allowed more rights that they simply do not deserve. Our last president who was a complete disgrace, he not only threw our country in shambles economically but also allowed disgraceful people the same rights as normal everyday people like me. I am of course referring to the gay community. They are unfit and dysfunctional for the everyday Utopian society I hope America can one day achieve. They have the potential to destroy all of the progress us hard working Americans have made just so they can unjustly marry each other. IMG_5075
Recently the controversy of gay marriage has sparked the nation. I frankly do not see what the problem is because there is a simple answer. Gay marriage should not exist, in fact, gay people in general should not exist. They are putrid and make normal people feel very uncomfortable. I feel like there is a simple solution to fix this problem of the gay populace. Now one may ask, how on earth would we ever be able to achieve such an amazing accomplishment. Luckily there are many different methods and solutions to deal with their kind.
First, the police force needs to be armed and equipped to deal with these savages. The police should immediately incapacitate any and all gay individuals. They need to be equipped with high voltage stun guns and tasers that could be re-branded as gay guns and gasers. These high voltage weapons will be exclusively used on the gay populace for a smooth and easy capturing process. With this new re-branding the normal innocent population will not feel threatened by these weapons and will see that our intentions are for good. These high voltage weapons have a variety of perks. They will incapacitate the subject without causing too much permanent physical, they will create low to no casualties, and if the voltage is high enough it has potential to fry the gay out of the subjects. Overall this new equipment should make the conversion process a lot smoother and streamlined.
The next step is what to do once the subject is captured. There are a variety of different purification processes that the subjects could be processed through. One recently proposed was electroshock therapy which would hopefully shock the gay out of the individuals, but this method is the most unreasonable. It is very wasteful of electricity, making it not very sustainable. Hormonal injections are another viable option, but the goal of this program is to bring these tainted subjects to healthy normal lifestyle and hormonal injections could lead to sporadic behavior. Finally, a method I support the most is the Scared Straight method. A conceptual tactic that could easily be implemented into the straightening system. The method suggests putting the subject in a life threatening situation with the intention of scaring the gay out of them. These are just a few tactics for accomplishing the mission of the common good.
Although all of these systems and techniques may seem a bit excessive to deal with the gay marriage/rights controversy, it is with the best of intentions. Some may argue it may be easier or perhaps even more ethical to simply give the gay population the same rights as straight people to marry. However, that would be compromising for a worse America, and I have a vision for a perfect America. Also not to mention why should a lower class being, be given the same rights as a superior human. My vision is for everyone to feel comfortable, safe, and threatened by radical ideals that putrid beings like the gays could tarnish. At the moment, the gay population is the main obstacle standing in the way of achieving the perfect America normal everyday people crave and deserve.

The Solution to Gay Marriage and Rights

An Order to End ALL Racism

March 15th, 2017

Mr. Vice President, Mr. Speaker, My fellow Americans,

I am here to announce the new passing of a law that will bring great change in our country. A change that is much needed and that has been long awaited for. Our country has great corruption and racism in our law enforcement system. Certain people are being targeted based on their race and this is causes outrage and is inflicting on peopleIMG_1762.JPG’s civil liberties. Our law enforcement has shown great corruption and racism towards African Americans, especially African American males. Many black males have been racially profiled and killed by policemen who “thought they were up to no good”, based on the color of their skin. The responding policies have not brought the change needed and because of this a new executive order will be instituted.

Starting April 15th, 2017, all white police officers will be terminated. All white people in the United States will be barred from working in the law enforcement of our country. Only minorities such as African Americans, Mexicans, and Asians will be allowed to work in law enforcement. This ban of whites as police officers will be for as long as seen necessary. Our administration believes that this will end police brutality against African Americans because the white people are the issue and by taking them out of the problem we will solve racism against black people from the police aspect.

Many may argue that this executive order goes against the Constitution of the United States because it discriminates based on race, however, it does not. This is because whites are the majority in our country and you cannot be racist against white people. Secondly, if this order is not instituted than further racism will continue against blacks and racism against white people is much better than racism against black people. This executive order will finally liberate African Americans and will end all racism. The death’s of people like Oscar Grant and Eric Garner will finally be paid tribute by getting paying all white cops what they deserve, which is termination.

We are anticipating a full reverse in society once this order is released. Law enforcement will be mostly made up of black people, which will decrease the crime rates because most of the crime is caused by African Americans, which causes them to get killed. This will cause white people to be arrested by African Americans and brutality against whites will most definitely occur as a payback for brutality against African Americans. We will allow the police departments to take care of this problem if it occurs as they do so well usually. We also believe that this will increase the education rate and that more African American students will finish high school and maybe even go to college to eventually become police officers given that only minorities will be in law enforcement.

Our society as a whole will have a lot less problems with this new executive order. There will be almost no real racism because it will only be happening to whites, crime rates will lower, education will expand, unemployment will decrease, and death rates of African Americans will decrease. We will have a much more diverse country. White people own a majority of the guns, forty-one percent, in the United States, so they should not have a problem in protecting themselves. Even if there was discrimination against whites, as I previously stated, the whites are the majority and therefore are not racially discriminated.

I believe this will be great for our country and this will bring more pride for America to those who have not experienced it. This will bring lots of peace to our country and will end the horrific racism against African Americans that goes on here. If racism is spread to whites because of it then so be it. Through this I ask Congress and my cabinet to stand with me through the passing of this executive order.


Your President


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An Order to End ALL Racism

Soccer Was Invented By Men But Perfected By Women

By Alex MorganIMG_2668

FIFA News wanted to interview Cristiano Ronaldo about this quote that has been trending on social media, this is what the professional soccer player said:


FIFA News’s reporter Abby Wambach interviewed the famous Cristiano Ronaldo to see what he had to say about this trend on twitter. Wambach asked him, “What do you think about this quote that was trending on twitter yesterday, ‘Soccer was invented by Men and perfected by Women’?” He began by stating how absurd this quote was and then said, “Futból was invented by men and perfected by men!” He continues on to state that soccer is a men’s sport and women don’t come close to playing the same way that men do. He begins to talk about himself and how good he is at soccer, and what a good person he is. We then get him back on track asking him, “What do you think this means for women’s soccer because it recently been gaining fame on social media?” He started to talk about his social media and how many followers he has. He says to the interviewer, “I have more fame on social media then this will ever get.” He began to talk more about how good he is, so we decided to ask him another question, “Did you know that professional women’s soccer players are played four times less than professional men’s players?” He begins discussing again that men are superior when it comes to soccer, that soccer is a man’s sport. Then he says the remarkable statement that men are more deserving of the money and adds that, “Men play the more beautiful game making them more deserving of the money.” As this is a very controversial statement the interviewer asked a question, that probably a lot of soccer fans would like to know, “What do you do with all the money you receive?” He states that he uses his money for personal use, knowing that everyone would be curious to know what these uses are we asked, “What exactly are these personal uses?”. He started to describe what he spends his money on, and he says a lot of his money goes to his children and his wife. Then he begins talking about his family and having future children, he states, “I want my future daughter to not play the physical sport of futból, it’s dangerous and competitive for women.” Wambach asked him a responding question, “What should young women aspire to be and do when they are older?” He responds by saying that women should say away from sports especially the competitive ones. Wambach wanted to follow up on what Cristiano did with his money. Then he starts to describe that he uses his money for beauty, and we concluded that what he means by this is plastic surgery. Nobody could naturally have cheek bones that sharp, Cristiano Ronaldo has cheekbones that could cut paper. He didn’t want to expand on what he meant by beauty and decided that the interview was over.

To conclude this interview we learned from the fan favorite professional men’s soccer player that soccer is a man’s sport, men are more deserving on the money, and that he spends his money on plastic surgery. He taught us that the beautiful game of soccer can only be eloquently played by men. We learned that young girl’s should aspire to play a girl sport or even play no sport at all. Also that women play a different sport and there is no way that women’s soccer and men’s soccer can be compared. The most handsome Cristiano Ronaldo taught us that he lovely gives most of his money to his family. Finally we learned from this interview that the amount that women don’t get paid and men do, goes to a good cause being gifts for his family and to his face that we so love.

Soccer Was Invented By Men But Perfected By Women