unnamedA big problem today is the conflict that children have with their phones. Most people would agree that children are not spending enough time on their phones. A beautiful modern device full of so much information at the tip of our fingers. Children only spend time on their phones in parks, dinners, family parties, and social get togethers. That is not enough time to explore the many things that smartphones have to offer. Children who don’t spend their time watching videos, or reading articles on the fluorescent screen before they sleep are wasting their potential of learning. What children also don’t understand is the way of communication these phones offer. Imagine never speaking face to face with the girl you love because it is too scary. Instead you can text her from the comfort of your room! Avoid awkward confrontations and be the man you always wanted to be through a screen. Another scenario is if you are at a party or a get together and you feel left out and awkward with the people around you. No need to fear, your smartphone is here! Pull out your phone, fake a laugh, and it’ll look like you are just as busy and social with someone else. You’ll never be that lonesome person without someone to talk to. So go, and teach children to use their phone more. Explore the world through pictures and videos, laugh at amazing memes, and most importantly, text as many people as you can.


2 thoughts on “Dumbphones

  1. jordananana says:

    I really like the way you used a common problem with today’s kids and teenagers and turned it into something really funny and clever! It was very engaging to read and easy to understand, and I feel like everyone can relate to the way cell phones guard us from having to actually interact in social situations (and your satire piece makes me really think about and become aware of the negative effects of cell phone use). Great job! 🙂


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