16-17 Per. 1 The 3 Ironies

 The 3 Ironies 

by Sarah, Cassie, Matias, John

What are the 3 types of Irony? 

Verbal Irony: when you say something, but mean something else

Situational Irony: An action that you make that has a result that is different from what would normally happen.

Dramatic Irony: irony in a play or drama that is noticed by the audience but not the characters within the drama or play

Examples of each type:

  1. Situational Irony:This example of situational irony shows a dead hunter holding a beaver trap, while trapped underneath a fallen tree. This is ironic because the tree was chewed by a beaver, causing it to fall on their predator. This is situational irony because the man who was trying to trap his game ends up getting  killed by that very animal.f003a283874ac45069c0bf3b0cc16e3e.jpg
  2. Situational Irony: In this gif, Olaf is impaled by an icicle spear. Normally, people would freak out because his/her skin would be pierced and they would bleed. However, because Olaf is a snowman, he is not hurt by the impalement and makes fun of it. raw.gif
  3. Verbal Irony: In this clip from the movie Shrek, Donkey is describing how much he dislikes when people invite themselves into other’s homes and make things awkward, all while that’s exactly what he’s doing. Donkey is being verbally ironic because he is making statements that contradict to his actions.

  4. Verbal Irony: This example, shows you John asking garfield is he hungry and garfield gives John a look like what kind of question is that. When is Garfield not hungry.garfield thanksgiving claws.jpg
  5. Dramatic Irony: In this example, the audience knows that the cat is preparing the fish to be eaten. However, the fish only see the cat’s actions as helping them.9d10e7eb66d8658b9796f640f90a3872.jpg
  6. Dramatic Irony: In this gif, McLovin is being socked in the face by a robber as he tries to buy alcohol for a party. The cops come soon after whilst his friends are waiting for him outside. This piece is dramatic irony because his two friends thought that the police had been there because “McLovin” was caught for trying to buy alcohol as a underaged person with a fake ID. But little did they know, like us, the audience, that it was really a robber.giphy.gif

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