16-17 Per. 4 Horatian Satire

Horatian Satire

By Amanda, Chloe, Gabe, and Luis 


Horatian Satire (adj.) : Humor that criticizes human nature, making fun of humans and their behavior. The aim is to make someone smile at the ways that human beings act, doing so with a witty and indulgent tone. It is meant to be gentle mockery with playful humor based off the style of Horace’s writings, the opposite of juvenal.



This is a good example of the term as it shows how people have begun to be so involved with technology they are not noticing the real world or even their surroundings. In this image it is criticizing human nature in a way even if it is true. It as well is able to still be humorous at the same time.


This image is humorous and is mocking human nature. It is criticizing human behavior in a funny way. It depicts the stupidity of humans with technology and how it is taking over. our lives.




This is a good example because it is making fun of how Trump has “qualified” people saying that he’s completely healthy. It is also criticizing the doctors that he has by portraying them as Muppets characters. 


This is a good example of Horatian satire because it’s making fun of American education in a humorous way. Very specifically this piece is humorously making fun of Representative Dan Fighter. This political cartoon is humorously getting the message across that there is something wrong with the American school system.