16-17 Per. 2 Horatian Satire

Horatian Satire: How Much Do You Know About It?

By Michaela, Ally, Ian, and Samantha


What is Horatian Satire?

Horatian Satire


(Gently) criticizes someone or something to create laughter, using ideas in a quick and inventive way (wit). The tone of the speaker is usually in amusement, not anger.


“Lobster Revenge” by QuickLOL


This is example of Horatian Satire because it is ridiculing people for boiling lobster. Also since lobsters do scream when they are boiled alive so they do scream. It is creating an excuse to not feel as inhumane about it by just saying that it is just the air escaping.   


 “Meme” by BiglifeMMV

HSatire DT.jpg

This shows Horatian Satire because the meme is using the wit of Trump bringing in Hilary’s scandal of sending private emails during the political campaign. This makes people laugh because they know how each candidate ran their campaign. This is also not said in anger, more in a sarcastic way.  


“Miley vs. Syria” by Rei

Lounger Chair.jpg

This image criticizes Miley Cyrus’ public image and how she presents herself, mainly through dancing inappropriately. It demonstrates how people felt about her performance at the VMAs in a funny, non-harmful way.


“Off The Mark” by Mark Parisi


This is an example of Horatian Satire because it uses that word “traveling” in a witty sense–for both basketball traveling and traveling to different places. It picks at humans’ urges to travel, but does it in a comical way that brings a smile to an audience due to the double meaning.


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