The Red Cup


All I can say is that if Starbucks does not add ornaments to me by the end of the day I am going to lose it like everyone else.img_9884

Starbucks has finally done it, they have changed the cup that I am. As you can see by the picture above I was a perfect looking cup with a darn good logo, however, during the holiday season, I was irresistible to all. They would paint me red and put a multitude of ornaments on me it brought so much joy and happiness to all knowing the good times ahead. Not to mention the different holiday season flavors that were back. I was the sign for this, people knew it was coming as I changed and received ornaments. This year was different however, they were having secret meetings at the headquarters I heard from an inside cup, this could only be bad news. Then it happened they only painted me RED for the holiday season and started to talk about other nonsense such as choosing a MULTITUDE of colors for me. How could they do this? Did they not realize how much this would affect me, I would lose my own identity in this large world full of cups. Even worse was how it affected everyone else, there was no cheer and no one wanted to drink from me without ornaments. All were very upset and I was very pleased they were. I need them to be my voice during this difficult time and tell Starbucks to give us all what we want to give me my identity back.

The Red Cup

One thought on “The Red Cup

  1. fionatheflowergirl says:

    Aww, that poor cup. I love how you told the story from the perspective of the Starbucks’s cup, and showed exactly how much turmoil the decision to use ONLY a red cup produced.


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