16-17 Per. 2 The 3 Ironies

By Chris, Lindsey, Sophie, and Jaissen

Dramatic Irony: When the audience knows more details about the event or situation compared to the characters.

Example 1: 

Still from a Dramatic Irony YouTube Video 

This picture is a representation of dramatic irony because the bird is about to be eaten by the snake, but it doesn’t know it. The audience, however, knows that the bird is about to be eaten.

Example 2: 

Still Image From Jurassic Park 

This picture is a perfect example of dramatic irony because Jurassic Park is supposed to be an amusement park, but it ends up being a bloodbath

Situational Irony: The difference between the original expectations of what should have happened and what actually happened.

Example 1:


Image of a poster on a pole where posters are prohibited.


This image is an accurate representation of situational irony. The sign instructs that signs can not be posted on public property. The sign that is conveying this message is posted on public property.

Example 2: 

An Image from Blogspot, which features a rusty can.

This meme is a good example of situational irony because the can is rusted despite its slogan of “Stops Rust.” The can would imply that it would stop rust, but it does not accomplish this task.

Verbal Irony: A situation in which a person says something that goes against what they truly feel.

Example 1:

An image from Emaze, which is very contradicting. 

This photo is a good example of verbal irony because the sign says that it’s always open on top.  On the bottom of the sign, it says that it’s closed. This shows how even though this place is always open, the sign contradicts this by saying that this place is closed.

Example 2: 

An image from CDN, which features Einstein. 


This photo is a good example of verbal irony because people claim that Jesus is the light of their life yet we wouldn’t have light and concepts of energy without Einstein. Therefore, Einstein says very passive aggressively that their thought of Jesus is cool yet it is incorrect and probably hurtful to him as a scientist.


https://i.ytimg.com/vi/-AfY8Tazwkw/maxresdefault. jpg


https://s-media-cacheak0.pinimg.com /736x/16/12/61/ 16126170bc03a593a73 481240cb282 9e.jpg

https://userscontent2.emaze.com/images/49068cc2-b093-43c7-982e 7805b02ff832/c60 9c33b-381b-4142-98d3-ffeb7547b840.jpg

http://i3.kym-cdn.c om/photos/im ages/facebook /000/211/965/einstein.png