The Devil is Alive

unnamedTrump’s Muslim ban will not only make America great again, but it will save America from Muslims who are obviously all terrorists.  Unfortunately, most Americans are having a hard time appreciating our new President’s efforts.  Why are Americans so mad at the President for fulfilling one of his campaign promises? A President who fulfills his campaign promises is who we want; who we voted for. People should just sit back now and let the President do his job in cleaning out America by blocking these ungrateful Muslim terrorists from entering our country. All of these liberal politicians nowadays are pussies and are not doing what needs to be done to clean up America.

First of all these Muslims are actual devils with intent to destroy the world. The proof for this is their turbans. There is no doubt in my mind that under these turbans are devil horns. Secondly, we have never allowed immigrants to come into America. Us white people, or as I like to call us Native Americans, have never even thought of doing something as disgusting as immigrating. Lastly, these Muslims do not have feelings or emotions they only think of how and who they are going to kill next.

Americans should actually read on Twitter or Facebook for news about the hard work Trump has been doing since his win.  According to the only trustworthy news, Donald Trump’s social media pages, he says “Why are some more concerned with granting terrorist rights than protecting innocent Americans?” (Trump) This is a great point because it shows how Trump realizes the truth, that all Muslims are terrorists. Unfortunately, three judges went against our lord and savior by making the job very difficult for Trump by canceling his Muslim ban masterpiece. However, I believe that he,  like Jesus, will sacrifice himself for his people and put his money on the line for the greater good. Trump’s persecution for telling the truth is just like when the Church was persecuted against for thinking the earth was flat even though that is obviously the case. Just look at the skyline and that’s enough proof right there.

So do America a favor, and stand up to these “so called judges” (Trump) by supporting the Trump Church movement. As proof of my devotion to Trump and for those who also know the good word, I say that we create a place of worship to honor his beliefs and achievements. Of course, the only people who are allowed this place of worship are straight, white males. This is because we as a race and as a gender have struggled so hard and overcame so many obstacles that we especially deserve the spiritual fulfillment that only a Trump Church can provide.  We will create a safe space away from the Muslim devils who terrorize our streets and prey on our women and children.

I would say that Trump could expand his ban to include countries that we know have scary terrorists such as China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Africa, Indonesia and others we need to identify.  We also should identify potential terrorists that are already in the country. We should go to the elementary schools and make sure there are no brainwashed future terrorists. When we identify these kids, we should round them up and put them to work in the cotton fields so they understand what America is really about.
I think the definition of the American Dream has been wrong all this time. The right definition is a place where you can walk through the streets without seeing people who are different and diverse. Where you can turn on your TV and see real news, not all this fake news criticizing good ideas.  We need to provide opportunities for the right people, not all people.  All that we need to do to achieve these dreams is to support our compassionate, caring, supportive and equal rights President, Donald Trump on his Muslim ban.

The Devil is Alive

4 thoughts on “The Devil is Alive

  1. hubboichefboychris says:

    This satire was really effective because he uses strong scenarios and strong words to express his idea and when he mentioned that little terrorists should be identified a rounded up and put to work. I love the fact on how you said that like liberals were pussies it seemed kind of funny and like you really showed like the conservative view point by saying that. You could improve on making it a little more dramatic like torturing these people.


  2. luisisfatherless says:

    I think your image is satanic. I can’t talk to satanists so you know, I can’t be cool with you anymore, so yeah. I’ll see you at practice tho. We Solid.


  3. luisisfatherless says:

    This satire was effective because the irony is tragic. Its very sardonic and it makes me feel bad knowing that there are people who actually believe in this. I like that it actually sounds realistic because there are extremists who think like this and it is depressing. I hate that our president actually believes in this because it is so dumb.


  4. meganthepokemonfanatic says:

    The over-exaggeration makes this piece effective. I think that’s what makes it funny but the only real thing that could be improved is the punctuation.


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