16-17 Per. 4 Incongruity


(Noun.) Something that is unexpected, very different or incompatible with the situation or surrounding objects or area. In this way it draws attention to it, due to its differences.


  1. Color Red (Video)


  • The video shows a blue image surrounded by red images, as red was the color that was searched for. It is obvious that the blue image is out of place and doesn’t belong in those search results. In this way, it connects to the out of place and incompatible part of the definition of incongruous. It’s not expected that a blue image would be found while searching for red.

2. Incongruous Sofa (Photo)

Weird Couch Incongruity Blog.jpg

  • This is a great example of incongruity. This picture shows a red sofa in the middle of nature, with trees, bushes, grass. The sofa is incompatible with its surroundings because sofas are meant for indoors and it is placed in the outdoors. A sofa, especially a velvet sofa does not go with the outdoors. Another reason why it is incongruent is because the background has a much darker tone to it, created by the dull colors and the sad looking trees. The rich bright sofa placed in the middle of that setting causes incongruence in tone and color.


3. Window sign that says, “Sorry We’re Open” (Photo)

Sorry Were Open Incongruity Blog.jpg

  • Stores usually only apologize if they are closed. If they are open, they usually have a sign that just says “Open”. Therefore, it is unexpected if a store apologizes for being open.


4. Cute bunny that sometimes thinks about murder (Photo)

Crazy Bunny Incongruity Blog.jpg

  • This image of a cute bunny is incongruous  with the idea of that bunnies and other fluffy animals are innocent, while this bunny is thinking of murder. This idea is completely unexpected and it throws the reader off guard. It directs attention to the the great contrast between fluffy and violent.