What Video Games Do To Your Children

As soon as your children see the case of the game, they will turn into monsters. Just looking at it makes them want to go on a murderous rampage. When they touch the games their fingers automatically move as if they’re firing a gun. Once they start playing their reality becomes warped and all they think about is murdering others just like in those games. Away from the games; for them, it’s the same. Their perception of what’s real and what’s not becomes distorted and their life in the game is real to them. Once they play those FPS games they become mindless slaves to them, doing their bidding to kill the enemy. Everyone to them is an enemy now. No one is safe to those who have been exposed to the violent ways of these games. Your children are now monsters and they will stop at nothing to stratify their thirst for blood. School is just another training ground, their classmates, targets; the enemy. They point their fingers and pull the trigger but people mock them and laugh. That fuels their anger, their thirst for blood. Soon those fingers will turn into actual guns all because of those video games, the games they begged you to buy, they games you didn’t check the rating on. But now they don’t think of them as games, they think of them as training for the real world. They will kill their friends because they “got in the way” or will kill their brothers and sisters for not being quiet when they’re gaming. They lost their morals, their feelings. Do you think they will spare you if you beg and cry? In their eyes you’re just another enemy, another way to get EXP. Your children are no longer children once that game controller sits in their hands and their fingers touch the smooth buttons. They lost their innocence as soon as they saw the game. Now all they can think about is shooting and killing. Their mind is flooded with commands from the game, telling them to kill all enemies in sight. And in their sight, you’re the enemy and they have no choice but to kill you since they see you no different from the terrorists in the game. Their reality is so far gone that birds look like enemy planes ready to drop bombs on them. Other children are possible enemies and they’re ready to kill them. All they have to do is pull the gun from their backpack and open fire, just like they were taught by the games. The screams and cries are just sounds of them gaining EXP. They won’t stop even when shot themselves, in their minds they will respawn later. They’re war machines, hell bent on killing those they consider the enemy. Everyone is the enemy now, their FPS games are all they can think about. The only thoughts left in their once innocent minds is now kill, kill, and kill. They no longer care about you, all that they’re concerned about is if they can kill everyone within a certain amount of time. Their life has become the game and it all started when they saw the game. And who is to blame for all of this? Well it’s obvious, it’s the games. They’re the poison to the minds of the innocent. They aren’t for children yet they’re sold to them. These brainwashing games are just at the grubby fingertips of your child. All they have to do is look at them and they’re hooked and then there’s no going back from there. Parents just wanted to make their children happy and this is what they get! Their children turn into monsters who will stop at nothing to feel blood on their hands and faces. These games are to blame, who else could possibly be at fault here? These games will make your children monsters.

What Video Games Do To Your Children

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