Pure Bloods



Being mixed isn’t easy. Everyday I look in the mirror and I’m reminded of my parents’ mistakes. Im a blend of the two, too dark to be considered a part of the superior race like my mother but to light to be negro like my father. I’m forced to watch their relationship everyday, and it is truly disgraceful. Even though they seem happy, it shouldn’t be allowed. I propose that interracial marriage comes to an end immediately in the United States. There are too many impurities being introduced to the white race, and it’s definitely an unnecessary evil to our country.

I know that it won’t be an easy adjustment for those, like my parents, who believe you should be able to marry who you want, but everyone must understand the dangers. It is introducing animal blood into the human race. Crania Americana, a book published by Samuel Morton, which I read in biology class freshman year, proved that their is a significant difference between blacks and whites when it comes to their makeup. Their skull shapes are significantly different, and the skulls of blacks look more like those of monkeys, than humans. I mean it’s not rocket science, all you have to do is look at them and it is more than obvious. Although people cry out for equality, and for people to be able to marry who they want, that is dangerous when some people are more human than others.

It will be a fight to get people to give up their bad ways, so extreme measures will need to be taken. A start would be to make interracial marriage illegal, but even that won’t be enough to fix the issue at hand. The federal government will have to step in for people to understand the severity of the issue. The government should have to approve of all marriages in order to prevent anymore crossing of the two races. Those who continue to rebel against the effort to save purity should than be made sterile, and forced to undergo torture in order to teach them the correct way of thinking.

Simply stopping blacks and whites from reproducing won’t be enough, there’s already too many people who come from mixed descent. There will need to be a mass execution of those who are not at least ⅞ th of either race. Executions should begin in the United States immediately. The best option would be to hold public executions in major cities around the country every two weeks in order to allow those of pure blood a boost in morale. There should be multiple ways for execution such as firing squads, hangings, drownings, and being poisoned. Cities should alternate execution style in order not to bore those watching. Within two years the United States will have no more people of both black and white descent.

Although I know that means I will be forced to die, this needs to happen. It is so hard looking at myself and knowing I will never be beautiful enough to make it in the world where whites are the only ones who can truly succeed. I hate my mother’s decision to ever put me in this position. I hate myself more than anyone can ever imagine and the only way for me to end my misery is to end my life. Not only will this be a way to help me, it will also help those unfortunate enough to have to deal with pain of coming from mixed descent, and feeling like you will never be accepted by either race.

I understand just how hard of an adjustment this will be for many people, but in about a decade our country will definitely be a much happier place because of it. We will be void of those of mixed blood and both the white, and the black races can develop independently of one another just as they were intended to do.

Pure Bloods

Standardized but NOT Equal


Welcome in, now sit down and take a standardized test on material your school didn’t bother to teach you. There somehow wasn’t enough math books for your geometry class last year, so you probably won’t do too good in that section. Oh, and there was forty students in your english class freshman year, so you won’t do good there either. We know you have not been sufficiently prepared for the test  like others have, but you have to take it anyway. Without it say goodbye to your chance of getting into the four year university of your dreams. Wait, it’s not like you could afford it anyway, college cost like a million bucks nowadays. But don’t complain, it’s a standardized test, so everyone is on the same playing field, right? Even those rich kids who go to the private school 10 minutes away from your house, and have parents who invest half a grand for an ACT tutor. Meanwhile, your mom could barely afford for you to take the test. Lets not get started on how you couldn’t study for the test because spent all of your evenings doing homework, and watching your little sister, while your mom worked extra shifts. It really is unfortunate, but we will still compare you to all of those students even though you come from a very different lifestyle and educational background. We use the test as a generic way to put a number on your intelligence. Good luck though, we hope you do great.

Standardized but NOT Equal