The Discrimination of Mattress Buyers Around the World

IMG_1010.JPG“Everything must go! Going into business sale! All foreign mattresses half off and no returns.” A quite interesting sign to many customers, however the majority of customers enjoy the competitions mattresses much better. In fact, 2,868,519 more people do. However, this company knows how to run a store, and they believe by going on sale, they will make more money and attract more people. However, many people never realized that their mattresses were over priced in the first place which made the company even more successful. This would have never been possible if the owner had not been on the show “The Apprentice,” where he learned many tricks and bypasses to beat the system and allow for more money flow directly into his pocket. The foreign mattresses all had defective springs, so they had to get them out before the company’s reputation was harmed. Many then complained about their mattresses, but the company refused to hear their complaints and are pending a lawsuit.

The company had taken something from the people that they absolutely adored, their sleep. Many believe this to be unfair and a violation to their rights as a mattress buyer who was promised a “voucher for  better night’s sleep.” They had such a catchy jingle as well. The trial will be full of anger, however one must believe in the power and good of the courts to rule their decision based on the “Rights of a Mattress Buyer Bill.”

The Discrimination of Mattress Buyers Around the World

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