Gangs Make the World Fun


On the Saturday  of November 19, 2015  the most coolest, bloodiest, and heartless criminal without respect  for anyone  was caught by  the FBI. His  name  is  Sanguinarios   and  is 40 years old.   He is  the  leader of the cruelest gang  called “We don’t play.” This gang is known  for  robberies, rapes,  drug dealing, and weapon dealing. The   gang “We don’t play”  is  60 percent of the drugs and  weapons on the street of Los Angeles. In a day  they make more money than  the brand of Nike and Jordans together. Sanguinarios is  known  by everyone: if you don’t know him, it is a sin. The police put him  in jail because they know he killed  20 or more people  but they don’t have proof.  He almost  bought all the houses in town and owns every   sports car  and has them  in multiple  colors. Here is his story:

“When  I was in middle school, I  was a good kid. I was a  very  innocent kid , never got in trouble.  My  gpa  was 5.0 ,  never disrespected my parents or the teacher or  my classmates. I lived with  my father,  mother,  one older brother,  an older sister. My  name at the  time was little Pablo. I always helped in the house and was  grateful for  what I had and always  had a smile. My  family  wasn’t rich  like  all my friends,  and I  always heard  that  they  had problems with money. I wanted  to go  to a private high school,  but I didn’t tell them because  I didn’t  want them to  worry. But a miracle happened, and I  got a scholarship to go to my  dream school. But  before I  entered  school, my life change.  My mother was killed because two people tried to steal her money. She gave the money, but they still shot her in the head  and it end her life.  My father was  with her,  and when he saw this  he had a heart attack  and  fell into a coma. My  brother wanted to get  revenge  and he  got killed too. This killed my dream of going to school  and filled anger and wanted to purify them.I became heartless.

I  wanted  to kill  them because they were waist of space  in this world. That was first improvement of the world   that I made.I help her his mother disappear.  I did justice by  taking everything that they took of me. And I smoke  all the family but that purified them. The other family, I made them jump from a  eight story building so they could know what is to suffer.  At last I found the  animals  that  destroyed my family.I made them eat  their family  and I put them through purification.   I cut their arms , legs , took out their eyes  and  tongue,   took all their money, and let them live on the streets. A  year passed and they got purified  so I shoot them in  the head like they did  to my mother because they were  now pure so they went straight to heaven.”

In jail the police asked him if he feel sorrow  of the crimes he made and the violence he brought.He  said no because, ”I make the world  more safe than you police. I  solve the problem  of overpopulation and I make  justice for the people.The mother should thank me because I make  their kids  strong and to be  good kid because this world is like a jungle. Everyone  is  independent  and can’t  trust other people about anything. When I purify people I help them  to go to heaven.With the drug I make more jobs to everyone and help the economy. I help you police and newspaper get more job   if not your life would be bored.Killing is like a game because you  shoot and the bullet  goes anywhere like dodgeball.  Rape helps the women to be more smart and stronger,  and it helps their self esteem.This worlds is like a jungle only the strong survive in this world, I’m Jesus your savior.

Gangs Make the World Fun

One thought on “Gangs Make the World Fun

  1. jakobthereaper says:

    I couldn’t really tell who the speaker was, it seems to jump between a news anchor/reporter to the “Sanguinarios” guy. Try to make it a bit more consistent.


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