YouTube’s Downfall . . .

Having more free time than other people, local child named Bobby Martin has just announced that he will never watch YouTube again.  Bobby said, “YouTube has been tumbling down in views lately and I feel that its staff members aren’t working hard enough to establish a proper place to be able to upload videos.”  Bobby went on to say how YouTube used to be exciting and thrilling when he would log onto YouTube, but he hasn’t felt that way recently from the less views it has been receiving.  He then states that, “Other people around the world should stop watching the videos in this website as well because of the recent downhill road it is going into.”  Is this the end of the popular video sharing website that has over ‘a billion hours watched every single day’?  Going into the website as of today, views in YouTube have dramatically dropped according to Bobby.  It has also been reported to us that he doesn’t experience the same feelings that he does for YouTube.  Bobby wants to see the change that he wasn’t seen to hopefully revive the website altogether.  From what Bobby is stating, it seems that the website’s staff isn’t doing anything to fix the problems for their viewers, especially with the removal of unskippable thirty second advertisements.  From the information given to us today, this is the reason why YouTube is finally at it’s downfall.  People are losing interest in YouTube and it is not long until the website loses most of its viewers.


YouTube’s Downfall . . .

2 thoughts on “YouTube’s Downfall . . .

  1. alexloveschocolatecake says:

    This is actually very true, YouTube is seeing a decrease in views but not from millions to sixteen. I love the sarcasm used in this as well. Great work Jaissen!


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