America’s Future


People of the Unites States,

I have come to realize that there is a big problem that is hampering the image of America, which we have worked so tirelessly to build up. We have spent countless time and money to try and fix this problem, but we can no longer continue to cover this problem. This inferior problem has continued to grow and it is now time to take action and finally make America what it is suppose to be. We must end the problem of this social inequality that has left us with the burden to carry. The lower, working, and middle class are continuing to hurt us as a nation, and we no longer will continue to help them, for I have found the perfect solution to end this horrendous problem and thus better our nation.

The solution, Project Restoration, I have created will finally liberate the top four percent to do as they please, and they no longer have to carry the burden of the poor, working, and middle class. These people just hinder us from prospering as a nation, and as a result have fallen behind the global ladder. To analyze the solution, we must separate it into three phases with each having a specific outcome for each phase. Hopefully by accepting and conducting my solution we can bring America back the dignity it had lost.

The first phase of the solution is to target the worst of the worst in our society, the lower class. These inferior people, if they should be called that, have caused the most disgrace to our beautiful nation. We’ve tried to help these creatures for far too long, and there is no other solution for them but extermination. Let me be clear, we have not given up on them, it is just that they have not taken advantage of the opportunity we have given them. They continue to grow as now almost 10% of our nation is filled of them. This will be the easiest phase of the three, for extermination will be the easiest method of restoration. These inferior people are useless to us and are worth nothing on the market, thus extermination was the only option. Extermination would be conducted quickly and humanely and their bodies will be used in the agriculture business as fertilizer, thus saving us tons of money in foreign fertilizer.

The second phase of the project is the most time consuming as it will involve both the working and middle class of the United States which accounts to almost 90% of this nations society. Since these people are still somewhat useful in society we may be able to keep those who still have a chance of becoming something relevant. To determine this we will proctor an IQ Exam and a physical evaluation test, with the top three percent in each category being able to keep their chance of living in this beautiful nation. Those who test in the top 50% will be sold on the world market at a flat rate of $200,000, this way they can leave the nation knowing they helped to bring prosperity to their motherland. Those left will be seen as inferior, but not completely useless, as these these ‘inferiors’ will be used as labor workers for the third phase.

The third and final phase of Project Restoration would be the reconstruction of America to appeal to our new more prosperous society. With our society, now more refined, we must take on the modernization of infrastructure and our lifestyle in general. The labor of the work will be done by those who tested the worst in phase two, and will be managed by those who tested high in phase two. This way the inferior can be put to work for no wage and the managers can be tested to see how useful they can be in society.

I hope that the people of America understand that Project Restoration is for the best of American society and that hopefully we can make America great again.

Your Future Leader Wilbur Ross

America’s Future

2 thoughts on “America’s Future

  1. tyrah02 says:

    I think that your satire piece was very good considering it made me very uncomfortable. I loved the detail that you put into every phase of the project. I think that you could have gone darker with the piece, but it was still very good.


  2. johna120399 says:

    I really liked your use of satire. I liked the concept that the people who tested better will control the people who tested lower than them showing an even greater divide in American society and class.


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