Starving or Striving

In today’s modern world much of the population is suffering due to many disadvantages they supposedly face, yet there are still many that are able to get by and flourish. The main reason for their supposed suffering is they are living in poverty, or better yet they are starving. In a recent study, there were to be more than 900 million people that are hungry, yet there is still a bigger number to be heard 7 billion people live in this world. The world as a whole is as well still going through a crisis of not enough housing for the people and with a rise in prices for them because of the demand, and so many people are unable to be taken care off because of all this chaos. One thing many have to wonder is if there is a solution for all of this, and the answer is yes. With a number of people in the world and the overpopulation we face we have to look towards the greater good for the people if you are unable to provide yourself with food, you will die.

Many will see this as barbaric but as a united force, we have to come together and realize this solves multiple problems for the masses. With a number of people unable to provide for themselves and the growing number of problems for the people that are financially sound and able to provide for themselves, myself included, this will solve many of the problems. It will bring more resources as a whole, such as food, wealth, and land this will be beneficial for us as it will give our planet a little less grief without all the people and give us more potential to flourish. With almost a billion people, plus more over time, that will be erased from the planet this will as well be in a way a benefit for the children in pain. For the people that are starving over a million are children, with the pain they are now in it would in a way be a barbaric thing to let them live on rations it would be better to let them go and go to heaven to be the angels they are. In a way their sacrifice is helping the other children, including my own, have even better lives and never suffer the way they did.IMG_9942

There is one thing that is even more important to do, which is to really start employing more farmers, this will help the economy and will give us in the developing countries even better lives. With the new land, we can have to farm and even better cities! Think of it all this new room and shopping centers and with fewer people to share it with it will be even better. Not to mention in these places there will most likely be less crime, the reason being as many of the people who are staring cause problems because of their struggles. Yet, an easier process and to help with farming is to again let them go and with their bodies use them as manure. With the use of the bodies as manure, we are using them in a positive way that will make their wrongdoings better and give them the peace they need into the afterlife. This will make our production of more food go even faster, and this should be our main goal. Although, lives do matter with all the deaths what does it really matter we need to do what is best for us.

In the end, all will have to understand this is the best course of action that we take to make the whole world and our lives better. The masses of people suffering will obviously understand and this will alleviate them of everything, and then give the better people, like me, a better life. This is for the greater good and should be what is done.

Starving or Striving

3 thoughts on “Starving or Striving

  1. fionatheflowergirl says:

    Good job Amanda! I really like how you darkened the mood of your satire by suggesting that the solution to starvation is to just let people starve… it’s obviously solving the problem. Not only this, but I like how you go the extra mile to suggest that the bodies of all of these starving people be used as manure to feed starving people.

    One thing I would suggest would be to check your spelling. But really, I enjoyed your piece! Keep up the good work!


  2. Your satire is pretty effective to prove a point that hunger is a big problem. I like your picture which shows all the food that can be available if there were more farmers. One thing to improve is to really emphasize the satire because the solution doesn’t seem to have a complete opposite solution to the problem.


  3. Chanelbrand says:

    Your satire is really effective, because you have an intense sarcasm by saying how the population should just die and starve to death in order to end world hunger. And you later on go deeper into your problem by suggesting how to gain food. I just really love your exaggeration of the need to change the economy by increasing food shelter. The only think you need to improve is some grammer.


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