Hate Speech, Like It or Not

DSCN4969Hate speech isn’t really a big issue. Hate speech falls under the rules of free speech. President Donald Trump, who constantly spews out what some may call hate speech, is just exercising his rights. Hate speech can be in both oral or written form and is easy to ignore. Hate speech ranges from issues relating to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc. Hate speech can be found anywhere: urban, rural, suburban, workplaces and even at schools. For the man, woman, young person or child, who have sensitive ears or eyes, the following are suggestions to “combat” hate speech.

Are you a woman who likes being stylish but hates to be called the “b-word”? Hate speech can inspire creative fashion.  For example, investing in a good pair of  fancy earmuffs can block racist, sexist, and homophobic comments. Whenever you hear something unpleasant and rude, you can immediately put on your earmuffs to block out such noise. Earmuffs can be purple, red, and even magenta depending on your taste. Cow print is particularly nice. You can decorate the earmuffs by making the padding very fluffy or you can have smooth, silky leather. The options are endless.

Are you an African-American who loves the sound of music but hate the sound of the “n-word”. Hate speech can be transformed to beautiful music.  Noise cancelling headphones can drown your ears with soothing classical music or kill your eardrums with heavy metal.  So whenever you hear someone ranting about a certain race, put the headphones on and enjoy!  Another way to destroy the nasty sounds of hate speech is turn up the volume on your television and radio until it’s VERY LOUD. That way the unnatural, violent sounds coming from your electronic apparatus will trump the bickering and blabbering sounds of the racists, homophobes, and politically incorrect jerks. The drawback though is that you may become deaf, but at least you don’t have to listen to anymore hate speech.

Are you a gay person who likes looking at art but hates it when you see the “f-word” graffitied on your house? Well, simply don’t look at it. Try to start wearing a blindfold when you get some nasty graffiti spray painted on your garage door. You could also try blinding yourself by poking your eyes out if you want to go to the extreme. You can also hire a security guard to patrol your garage door if those hate-filled graffiti artists come to your home again. Or spray paint your own home with art you like.

Are you an army veteran who lost a limb during the war and you hate being called a “cripple”? Sometimes when people are really annoying, you always have the second amendment on your side. You could use  firearms against any hate mongers if they really become a nuisance. Since murder is against the law in America, you could just simply hurt them. Just a graze of a bullet on the skin will sure give someone a jolt. Those nasty bigots will never come near you again if you take affirmative action.  If hate speech falls under the first amendment, why not use your second amendment?

These are some of the many ways hate speech can be stopped. However, since the First Amendment protects freedom of speech, hate speech is not going away anytime soon. It is a part of life. The best way to deal with hate speech is to ignore it, no more, no less. These suggestions are only designed for those who cannot brave the outside world. For these people, becoming a hermit in your home is a good solution, too.  However, it wouldn’t be a good solution if your family members are the jerks.  In that case, arm yourself with a collection of decorative earmuffs, expensive noise cancelling headphones, working television and radio, supply of blindfolds, and a powerful handgun to take care of your problems.

Hate Speech, Like It or Not

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