Invisible Wall

Trump and Wall Blog Picture.jpg

So Trump has dropped one of his hammers. This man just signed a piece of paper that turned from a tree to a piece of poop. The piece of paper says refugees and immigrants from seven countries can’t come into the country. Well Mr. Donald Trump, based on those standards your own wife, the women of your children, would not have been allowed to the country. So when is she scheduled to leave?  We are really putting America first Mr. President. Spending thousands on resources to keep people out of our country instead of putting that money towards our own citizens. So great job Mr. President. We have officially reached the promised land. We aren’t letting people into our country and are going to spend millions to keep people out. How much of that will go into the flight your wife will take back to her country. Because she isn’t allowed either. Trump must really believe in his policies if he signs things that basically says “F**k you” my wife.  Let’s give him a round of applause. We got to get a word with one of Donald Trump’s advisors yesterday at a coffee shop because he wants to be away from the white house as much as possible. When asked about the ban the only worlds he could say were, “What is that?” Well now our president isn’t even using his advisors. America, we are officially in for a shithole of a time the next four years of our lives.

Invisible Wall

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