Husbands could be Hair Stylists too!

Dissatisfied husbands has been nagging non-stop to their wives to have a new look, concerning the fact that they are losing hair. Husbands always seem embarrassed to be seen with their wife.  He suggest to his spouse to straighten and to color their hair in order to hide the bald spots. As if he was the hair expert…

img_2526But she considers it.

What a better way to simply iron her hair at the hottest temperature and perfectly couple up as much strands as she can, in order to have a collection of them on her hand! Having done this, she has gained more hair as ever before. She looks young again!

Then you would go to the parlor, spend about $150-200; but instead it would only help cover the white strands not the bald spots.

So as months pass by as she comb and straighten your hair, more strands start to fall out. And nothing is getting better.  Her husband asks her, “What happened?” She told him, “You said you wanted me to have a new look, here it is! I followed what you asked, and I did it. You never liked my way, so this was your way…I thought you would like it since I did everything you asked” Her husband was silent.

SEE THE RESULTS! IT’S INCREDIBLE! HER HUSBAND WENT SPEECHLESS! I guarantee you that this will make a good impression to your spouse! He will be so surprised, he will never bother you again!

Husbands could be Hair Stylists too!

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