A$$ = Likes


Have you ever posted a picture you absolutely love on Instagram, but no one seems to notice or like it, so you put it upon yourself, to make yourself feel uncool, all because the amount of views or likes is too low for the ego? Fear no more, the secret is out. The top three ways to get more Instagram likes are listed below, without looking like a desperate try hard.

Filters: People are instantly drawn to stuff that’s a different color than what it’s supposed to be. Go ham with the filters, and please avoid using the black and white filter. It makes one look lonely.

Edit: When people say edit your photo, they say it because you ,or the tree your posing in front of, looks like complete crap. With a simple tap/swipe here and there,  you will forever be thankful, along with all your followers.

Make it All About the Butt: Everything is about whose butt can out beat the butt of all butts, Nicki Minaj. The butt pose is a little hard sometimes, because not many have one, and it makes one look downright desperate. When posing, arch the back slightly to give the illusion that you’re booty to the licious, and with the help of some editing and filters, you can enhance your butt features, giving off the impression you are the new queen of all butts.

Go and make teen girls jealous, and most certainly, make me proud.


Sally Warren (Social Media Expert)

A$$ = Likes

4 thoughts on “A$$ = Likes

  1. juliaiskoolia says:

    I love this piece, although it is a disappointing depiction of our society today, it does show the truth through satire.


  2. ricardosjnd says:

    I really enjoy the picture you used, because it is quite ironic, because you are talking about the female gender. The person on the left is poppin’ as well as the one on the right. I thought it was very funny because it relates to our social media obsessed generation who are always engulfed in their phones.


  3. jordananana says:

    I really like your satire piece! I definitely think this is a prevalent issue/occurrence on social media, and the way you describe it is super funny and relatable! Awesome job! 🙂


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