Life Of A Little Rebel



Why should I pick up my toys? I am two years old and can do whatever the heck I want to do. I am my own person. I make the rules, I’m in charge. Here is my opportunity. I am gonna use my voice and say what I want. I see her approaching ready to say, “You get down here now and pick up your toys or no TV”. Ready. Here I go! NO. NO. NO.

I can pick up my toys on my own time, and honestly that will never happen. All I like to do is watch Frozen and The Lion King on Youtube. Why should I have to take time out of watching TV to do what my parents tell me to do. The feeling of being able to have my toys ready at my feet is liberating. If I wanted to I could jump off the coach into a pile of legos. Who wouldn’t want to experience that? Drinking apple juice while sitting back on the couch eating goldfish is the life. I have become a master at manipulating my parents. All I have to do is cry and whine and next thing you know, I have a pacifier in my mouth and the TV turned to Aladdin. Every kid should be able to experience the luxury I have. At the end of the day TV is my closest friend and I never want that to change. I will only move from the coach to sleep or get my needed food supplies. You will never catch me outside.

Life Of A Little Rebel

2 thoughts on “Life Of A Little Rebel

  1. sophie1220 says:

    I love how your satire sounds like it is in the point of view of a child. It really makes it convincing. It has a very humorous tone, and I like the allusions you put in your piece. I love your little sister btw omg <3.


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