Trouble Turning in Homework

Mrs. Efron is a sign language teacher at a public school. And you know those kid s do no homework at all. So Mrs’s. Efron has one rule about homework; you must turn it in on time she accepts no late homework. She does however give her students a chance to do their homework at lunch with her or after school if they need help.

The students think that Mrs. Efron is hella cool and chill but they think her class is a waste of time like they there other classes. She rarely gives out homework but the kids still trippin because they like “it’s still homework Mrs. Efron ain’t nobody got time for that.” And the kids complain about homework even though she barely gives them anything.

Zay Zay one of Mrs. Efron’s ghetto fabulous students always struggling to turn in his hw on time and he knows better than anyone that Mrs. Efron takes no late homework. So Zay Zay wa just j chillin in class and Mrs’s. Efron assigned some homework on friday. Now Zay Za has the weekend to do his homework for Mrs. Efron’s class but he decides to go out with his friends instead. Zay Zay procrastinates all weekend and on monday he remembers he needs to do Mrs. Efron’s homework.

He goes to Mrs. Efron and ask “ Mrs. Efron is it ok if I turn in my homework late Mrs Efron.”  Mrs. Efron says “ Oh of course you can turn your homework in late Zay Zay.” …   “ NO YOU CAN NOT TURN YOUR HOMEWORK IN YOU NO MY RULES!”

Trouble Turning in Homework

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